​The Institute is a unique initiative

The Institute is a unique initiative founded by the three partners in 2004 as a first-of-its-kind programme aimed at building the capacity of young lawyers from Central and Eastern European and the Newly Independent States (CEE/ NIS) for litigation on women’s rights issues, including:

► violence against women;sexual and reproductive health and rights;employment discrimination.

The Institute, organized by the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (BGRF) in cooperation with its partners, already has successfully completed five rounds: WHRTI 2004-2006, WHRTI 2007-2009, WHRTI 2009-2011, WHRTI 2011-2013 and WHRTI 2013-2015 and trained more than 100 lawyers.

The WHRTI provides the participants advanced and in-depth knowledge on women’s human rights protection in the three areas noted above. The WHRTI improves their practical skills in writing and advocacy for development of strategic litigation in the region both at the national and international levels.

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